Comox Valley Family Counselling & Mediation

– Solutions For Family Matters –


Gillian provides counselling to individuals, couples and families.  The services are provided online  and on the telephone.

Gillian can assist with interpersonal issues such as relationships, communications, separation and divorce, parenting, and life transitions.

Also with more individual issues such as anger, health conditions, life transitions, wellness, stress reduction, anxiety, depression, employee/workplace, addictions and substance use.

Counselling can be an effective way to create change in your life for the better!  – book now! 


Conflict is part of everyday life. How you deal with it is important to your own well-being.

Gillian incorporates her extensive mediation skills and experience into the counselling sessions and offers an opportunity to resolve conflicts and difficult issues in a positive way.

She provides a safe and productive environment for people to come up with their own solutions.

Often people find that resolving the conflict in their lives can reduce stress, restore relationships, and enhance well-being.