We all experience conflicGoose Spit 2009 036ts with others at some point in our lives – sometimes even daily. The key to moving through the conflict is a willingness to understand each other’s perspectives even if you do not agree with it. Providing a supportive environment for collaboration and solution seeking is important.

Mediation can be used by individuals, businesses, couples, families, community groups, organizations, government agencies in all kinds of situations.

It may be useful to have a neutral person to assist you in getting to solutions – book now! The services are provided in person, on the telephone and, when appropriate, on line.

What is mediation?

Mediation is essentially a facilitated discussion with the intent of creating solutions and agreements that will work for the people involved. A collaborative approach takes the parties beyond disagreements of the past toward the resolution of issues today and maintaining relationships for the future.3 Frogs

Mediation works to maintain relationships and to seek solutions. Often mediation is less stressful, more cost effective and also timely for the people involved.

The types of issues able to be addressed are limitless. Typical issues addressed in the mediation process include relationships, separation and divorce, financial matters, agreements, contracts, work place, human resource, couples, family, parenting, neighbourhood, land and resource use, and community.

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